Product Function:
 •Scientifically proven to keep energy in the water, whether it is boiled or frozen.
 •Applies magnetization technology to effectively decompose the lime in the water.
 •Boilers, pipes, and hot water heaters (including solar), won’t clog anymore!
 •No consumptive materials.
 •No backwash or maintenance needed.
 •No electric power needed.
 •No resin needed.
 •No need to replace filter.
 •Won’t produce waste water.
 •Environmentally friendly.
 •Small business
 •Apartment buildings
 •Injection machine
  Dia:14cm Length:60-100cm
  Input tube:dia. 1 inch. Output tube:dia. 1 inch
  Daily ability:1-100 tons of tab water
 •Patented both in Taiwan and China.
 •Patent pending in U.S.A.
 •Industrial Technology Research Institute.